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My Name is Sanjay Kumar, I am a Blogger, Digital Marketer, Web Designer and Data Analyst by profession. I have total 10 years of work experience in these vertical.

I love reading books, listening to music, passionate about tech and digital marketing and always believe in upskilling and upgrading the skills.


“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. – Gandhi”

Learning always been the key to success for many learners, leaders and entrepreneurs.

From Past few years we have seen e-learning, and online courses are trending, and there are various e-learning platform and websites available in the market right now that offers a variety of courses on trending topics and skills.

But honestly it becomes really difficult to choose the best platform.

Addtolearn brings the best online learning and courses (Free and Paid) from the best platforms. E-learning and online courses saves lot of time and you can easily learn new things and skills at your convenience and with your own pace.

Along with bringing the best e-learning courses and platforms, In this blog I will be writing about :

1. Web Designing

2. Blogging

3. Digital Marketing

4. Data Analyst

5. Best tools used in Digital Marketing

6. Brings the best courses and best offers from the digital world.

Stay tuned and keep learning.

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